About us:

Cosmic Chaos was founded in 1992 by a group of like-minded computer enthusiasts. The objective back then was to study information technology.

The members of Cosmic Chaos made a lot of additions and modifications to the computer games we enjoyed playing. While expanding the games to their respective limits we aquired a lot of knowledge about computers and what makes them 'tick'.

Visitors who came to this site often would find al kinds of add-ons for Doom II (tm) and other games. We played many games, helped organise a couple of LAN parties in association with the MCL@n foundation. This was alot of fun to do, but we wanted to stay innovative and broaden our horizon further.

In 2002 Cosmic Chaos became a company! A company that is proud to bear this name. Cosmic Chaos was split into two seperate entities. The company and the club.