Our objectives are:

1. Hosting of webpages.
2. Creation of web pages.
3. Design and expansion of company network infrastructures.

1. Hosting of web pages.

A Good way to present your company on the internet is trough a company page. Cosmic Chaos provides the possibility to host your company's page at our server. Since we have a 100Mbit line connected directly to the backbone of a large bandwidt provider, we'll make your company page accessible and fast. Our servers are online 24hours a day.
Hosting of web pages will mean that you might need a domain name aswell. Cosmic Chaos will provide some posibilities for your domain name. we'll provide the name you've requested if it's available. We want you to know that the people of Cosmic Chaos are friendly and always willing to help.

Creation of web pages.

There is a good chance that you would also like a new page, or you want to have your own page updated, but you don't have the time nor the experiance to do so. We of Cosmic Chaos provide the opporetunity to create a web page to your liking. Our pages are fast and browser compatible. We think that a browser compatible page is an important part of building a good and functional HTML Page. That's why we try to keep it straightforward as well. A slow loading page which is dificult to manage and update will give not instill confidance in a potential client and the visitor of your page.

These two point's can be combined, we offer a full package, for a good price. We also create intranets for small and for big companies.

Design and expansion of company network infrastructures.

In the near future, that is if we succeed to become a good internet hosting and page creation company we will extend towards creation and support of instranets and simple network support. The networks we are capable of managing are:
1. Novell
2. Windows NT Servers
3. Unix or Linux Servers
within the package we will provide the hardware aswell as the software. If you want an intranet or internet page to for your new or upgraded network. Cosmic Chaos is the company who will try very hard to get this all done for you.

In the end:

We are here for the customer, not for ourselves. Meaning, that we will strive to have a really good relationship with our customers.
In the Netherlands:
we will visit the company who want's our service. You'll get to meet the people behind the company. we are willing to help in every way possible. Of course we won't work for free, but we believe we have reasonable prices and will try to maintain them.
To reach these objectives you will expect that we have enough people in house that have certain specialities to reach these goals.
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